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La Tempête Golf Club
The first 18-hole golf course of international calibre in Québec city's metropolitan area

Club fitting centre

Club fitting centre

We offer custom golf club fitting by Michel Bard, a leading expert in the field (ranked among the 100 top club fitting specialists by IPAC).

Club fitting service
95$ +tax

Why use custom-fitted clubs?

Because how can a set of standard clubs be expected to work for individuals with such vastly different physical characteristics and swings?

Specialists consider a wide range of variables related to your physical characteristics and your swing when they carry out your personal analysis. Following this assessment, clubs are specifically adjusted for you. Analyzing these variables is the only way to produce golf clubs that will allow you to achieve your full potential.

What is golf club personalization?

Golf club personalization is a process whereby a specialist measures a golfer’s swing and physical characteristics in order to perfectly connect all these parameters so as to recommend the best set of clubs. A personalization session lasts approximately 1 hour. This is the most precise method to produce the best set of clubs.


State-of-the-art technology…

In our ongoing efforts to provide the highest quality service, we constantly keep abreast of the latest developments in technology. This is why we use a Flightscope Launch Monitor. This monitor uses a complete software package that allows several clubs to be compared in order to recommend the one that best suits your needs.

Website : http://www.flightscope.com

Creating an edel putter

The La Tempête Golf Academy is proud to offer a Québec exclusive: personalized Edel Golf putters. This revolutionary system was created by David Edel (American Pro and internationally renowned putter adjustment specialist).

Putter Edel An Edel Golf putter is custom made and specially ordered for you based on an advanced analysis of your aim and posture. This is measured using state-of-the-art technology and lasers, which reveal exactly how you perceive the ball’s trajectory on contact. The putter is then designed from the ground up on the basis of your personal aim in order to guarantee that the ball will follow the trajectory you want.

A three step fitting process :

Step 1: assessment

Putter Edel The first step is to assess your aim. You aim the putter at a target fitted with a laser projector. The ball is then removed, and the laser beam reflects off a mirrored putter face. The reflected beam projects onto a screen positioned behind the projector to show the difference between your aim and the actual target.

Step 2: personalization

Putter Edel Once your aim has been determined, our specialist uses Edel Golf adjustment tools to find the right fit for you. This system offers more than 30 million combinations of putter heads, hosels, offsets, lie angles and many more. As a result, we find the perfect combination that corrects for your natural aim!

Step 3: creating “your” putter

Putter Edel Once the right combination has been found, David Edel uses this information to hand-mill a custom putter that perfectly fits your swing and aim. Edel Golf stamps your name on the head of your putter to guarantee that it was made specifically for you. David Edel uses a combination of old-fashioned craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to create a putter that is perfectly adjusted for you.

A Québec exclusive!

If you are interested in getting an Edel Golf putter, the La Tempête Golf Academy holds the exclusive rights to this process in Québec. Please contact us by email or telephone for information and an appointment so that we can set you up with an Edel Golf putter. You can also visit Michel Bard’s workshop to see the system in action.

You can reach Michel Bard at (418) 832‑8111, ext. 302, or by email at


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